Digital Coast Coastal Inundation Toolkit

Demonstration of the Digital Coast Coastal Inundation Toolkit  by Steph Beard, Jodie Sprayberry and Billy Brooks of NOAA Coastal Services Center (September 23, 2010).  The Coastal Inundation Toolkit walks communities through an approach for understanding and addressing coastal inundation issues.  The Toolkit covers understanding basic information about coastal inundation, identifying exposure and potential impacts, mapping potential inundation and impacts, assessing community risks and vulnerability, and communicating risk strategies to initiate change.  The Toolkit also provides case studies of how other communities are addressing this issue.  This webinar provided a brief overview of the Digital Coast, followed by a tour of the Toolkit, ending with a more in depth demonstration of two specific components within the Toolkit: Coastal County Snapshots and the Inundation Mapping Guidebook.  Coastal County Snapshots provide communities with a map and reports on a county’s demographics, infrastructure, and environment within the flood zone.  The Inundation Mapping Guidebook covers ways to obtain and prepare elevation data and water levels, and map and visualize inundation.  Learn more about the Coastal Inundation Toolkit at  An overview of the entire Digital Coast site is available at 

Download the recording of the presentation or [Windows Media .wmv format].  If you have problems downloading the file from this site, please try this alternate link.  If you are unable to download the recording, please .

***Note: Due to a technical problem during this webinar, only two-thirds of the presentation was recorded and is available for download.