HD.gov Web Portal Webinar

Demonstration of HD.gov Web Portal by Jeff Adkins from NOAA Coastal Services Center (July 22, 2010). HumanDimensions.gov, or HD.gov for short, is an interactive informational website and portal linking to methods, tools, data, publications, case studies, jobs, grants, training, and events relating to the human dimensions of natural resource management.  Human dimensions of natural resource management include the driving forces behind people’s decisions (e.g. psychological, social, spiritual, cultural, economic, political, legal, and managerial forces), how human behaviors lead to ecological and social change, and how to address these changes with management.  The HD.gov was developed to reduce the time required to find information on applying human dimensions research and resources and help build a community of practice among human dimensions professionals.  This webinar provided an overview of resources available through the HD.gov website, how to use the site, and how to add content to the site.  Learn more about HD.gov at www.hd.gov.

Download the recording of the presentation [Windows Media .wmv format].  If you have problems downloading the file from this site, please try this alternate link.  If you are unable to download the recording, please .