Multipurpose Marine Cadastre 2.0

Demonstration of Version 2.0 of the Multipurpose Marine Cadastre by Adam Bode and Brian Smith of NOAA Coastal Services Center (August 26, 2010).  The NOAA Coastal Services Center recently launched Version 2.0 of the Multipurpose Marine Cadastre (MMC), an integrated, online marine information system for viewing and accessing authoritative legal, physical, ecological, and cultural information in a common GIS framework.  The new version, built using ArcServer, utilizes web map services for better performance; contains additional marine habitat and seafloor data; and builds upon the analysis and rendering functionality in previous versions resulting in a more intuitive and useful tool.  The tool is being used by not only federal regulatory agencies and industry partners who are screening renewable energy sites and other offshore activities, but also those working on regional and state coastal and marine spatial planning efforts.  The MMC is a multi-agency effort, led by NOAA and the Minerals Management Service.  For more information on the system, visit

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