Social Science Tools Working Group

Although tools have been developed to model biological interaction on an ecosystem level, tools incorporating socio-economic considerations are not widely used by EBM practitioners. It is not clear at this stage whether such tools do not yet exist or if they have just not been integrated into the suite of tools typically used by EBM practitioners and researchers. To address these issues, a social science working group has been formed by EBM Tools Network members to investigate the existence, possible uses and needs for social science based EBM tools.

The goals of the Social Science Tools Working Group include:

  • compiling information on existing social science (SS) EBM tools
  • promoting the development of new tools if the existing pool does not seem adequate to address the needs of EBM practitioners and researchers
  • working to increase the awareness of SS EBM
  • determining if there are relevant SS tools in other areas that could be applied to EBM with some work

Please contact Megan Bailey (m dot bailey at fisheries dot ubc dot ca) to join the Social Science Tools Working Group or to inform us about relevant tools.