Additonal Resources from MEAM Webinar on Managing Ecosystems, Managing Fisheries: How do EBM and EBFM Relate? (March 16, 2009)

Sources of good practices on ecosystem-based fisheries management/ecosystem approach to fisheries, as mentioned in the webinar:

Publications on Australian North West Shelf fishery, referenced in the webinar by Kevern Cochrane:

  • Sainsbury, K. J. 1988. The ecological basis of multispecies fisheries, and management of a demersal fishery in tropical Australia. in Fish Population Dynamics (2nd edition), pp 349-382. J. A. Gulland (ed). John Wiley and Sons, London.

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Publications on transaction costs associated with participatory solutions in fisheries management, referenced in the webinar by Kevern Cochrane:

  • Healey, M. C., and T. Hennessey, 1998. The paradox of fairness: the impact of escalating complexity on fisheries management. Marine Policy, 22: 109-118.

  • Cochrane, K. L, 1999. Complexity in fisheries and limitations in the increasing complexity of fisheries management. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 56: 917-926.