CanVis Webinar

Demonstration of CanVis by Chris Haynes of NOAA Coastal Services Center (December 14, 2010).  CanVis is easy-to-use image editing software that allows natural resource professionals with minimal computer skills to create photo-realistic simulations for visualizing potential impacts from coastal development or sea level rise. Users create visual simulations by duplicating elements already in a digital photograph, adding elements from other images to a digital photograph, and/or taking advantage of CanVis’s extensive element library to insert elements (such as hotels, houses, marinas) into digital photographs. The software also allows elements to be resized, color-adjusted, and have shadows added to create realistic looking simulations, and it allows text to be added to photographs. Tutorial videos show how to use each editing tool. Learn more about CanVis at


Download the recording of the presentation [Windows Media .wmv format].  If you have problems downloading the file from this site, please try this alternate link.  If you are unable to download the recording, please .