Coastal Web Atlas Interoperability Prototype

Demonstration of a Coastal Web Atlas Interoperability Prototype by Dawn Wright of Oregon State University, Tanya Haddad of the Oregon Coastal Management Program, and Liz O’Dea of the Washington State Department of Ecology (March 25, 2010).  Imagine being able to access coastal geographic data of all kinds from all over the world easily through a user-friendly web interface!  The International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN) is a new informal group of organizations working towards this goal by scoping and implementing data interoperability approaches for Coastal Web Atlases.  One of ICAN’s major goals is to help build a functioning digital atlas of the worldwide coast by organizing an interoperability network for the integration of locally-maintained Coastal Web Atlases.  This work also has implications for global spatial data infrastructures and Internet mapping projects.  During the webinar, presenters will give an overview of ICAN and how to get involved and give a demonstration of a Coastal Web Atlas Interoperability Prototype.  This tool is a proof-of-concept of how Coastal Web Atlases from different parts of the world can be linked.  It demonstrates an easy way to search for coastal geographic data from any atlas that is connected to the ICAN Prototype.  Learn more about the International Coastal Atlas Network at and view the interoperability prototype at    

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