Coral Reef Scenario Evaluation Tool (CORSET)

Demonstration of Coral Reef Scenario Evaluation Tool (CORSET) by Jessica Melbourne-Thomas of the University of Tasmania (May 26/27, 2011: 2 presentation times).  The Coral Reef Scenario Evaluation Tool is a generic, biophysical model for coral reef systems which couples dynamics from local to regional scales. Interactions between benthic and consumer functional groups at local scales (hundreds of metres to kilometres) are linked across regional scales (hundreds of kilometres to thousands of kilometres) by larval dispersal. The approach is bottom-up; simple components are combined to create a portable framework which can be applied for reef systems anywhere in the world. Model components and outputs are understandable for non-experts, but the system is able to generate complex, emergent patterns. Moreover, there is the facility to incorporate larval connectivity data from sophisticated dispersal models. CORSET is equally applicable as a research tool or as a decision support tool for coral reef management.  Learn more at

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