EBM Tools Forum Policies

The purpose of the EBM Tools Listserver is to share information about software and well-defined methods (collectively referred to as tools) that can be used for the implementation of ecosystem-based management in coastal and marine environments and the watersheds that affect them.  Appropriate topics for discussion include:

  • Finding tools for specific management or conservation projects or purposes
  • Connecting with other practitioners that have used tools to learn about their strategies and experiences
  • Get suggestions or best practices for using tools effectively in an ecosystem-based management project
  • Find collaborators for EBM tool projects.

Technical questions related to the use of a specific tool should be directed to the providers of that tool not the listserver.  General questions about the use of GIS for conservation should be directed to the Society for Conservation GIS Listserver (www.scgis.org). 

Policies of the EBM Tools Listserver:

  • The listserver should not be used for general announcements of events, new products/resources, funding opportunities, or job opportunites.  These should be sent to and will be collated and added to the EBM Tools Network monthly updates.
  • The listserver should not be used for solicitations of a commercial or political nature.
  • All general questions about the listserve, including subscribing and unsubscribing, should be sent to NOT the listserver itself.
  • Users should refrain from sending “me too” messages that do not contain substantive comment or further discussion.
  • Automatic footers will be stripped from messages, so users should sign their name and institution at the end of messages.
  • Previous messages should not be included in replies.  If needed, quote relevant pieces that put your comments in context.
  • Messages sent through the listserver should not contain profanity, vulgarity, or other inappropriate content.
  • Posting of irrelevant or inappropriate content will result in removal from the listserve.
  • The list of members is known only to list administrators and will not be shared with any other entities.
  • Messages sent out through the listserver will be made available to the public on the EBM Tools Network website at ebmtools.org/forum/listserver-forum.

Use of the Listserver:

  • To send a message through the listserve, send to http://list.openconcept.ca/sympa/info/ebmtools.  Attachments will not be posted, but can be posted to the website by sending them to .
  • To subscribe to the listserver, send a message to with SUBscribe ‏ in the subject line.
  • To unsubscribe from the listserver, send a message to with UNSUBscribe ‏ in the subject line.
  • To receive listserver posts in digest form, send an email to with SET DIGEST in the subject line.

For questions about this listserver, contact .