Ecosystem-Based Zoning in the Bay of Samaná, Dominican Republic

Presentation on Ecosystem-Based Zoning in the Bay of Samaná, Dominican Republic by Elianny Dominguez of The Nature Conservancy (June 21, 2011). The Nature Conservancy and Center for the Conservation and Ecodevelopment of Samaná Bay have recently completed a project to produce an innovative design of a marine zoning scheme using a participatory approach. Aspects of this project included: 1) designing a new database for the Samaná Bay region with the data needed to address multiple management objectives, 2) providing technical training for key decision-makers on the benefits of using GIS systems for marine spatial planning efforts, accessing and using the new database, and using Marxan and the Caribbean Decision Support System to support resources management efforts and mitigation of local threats; 3) indentifying zoning schemes for Samaná Bay through the consensus of local stakeholders and government representatives; and 4) supporting the fishing sector to incorporate its knowledge and interests into digital formats for a marine spatial planning process. This webinar describes the project’s work to increase the capacity and skill of planners and practitioners in the use of marine zoning tools and develop a draft zoning scheme for Samaná Bay using a participatory approach.


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