Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS)

Demonstration of EMDS by Keith Reynolds of the US Forest Service (March 30, 2011)

Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) is an application framework to help make knowledge-based ecological assessments at a variety of geographic scales.  The system integrates the logic engine of NetWeaver (provided by Rules of Thumb, Inc.) to perform landscape evaluations and the decision modeling engine of Criterium DecisionPlus (provided by InfoHarvest, Inc.) to evaluate management priorities.  Specific questions that EMDS addresses are:  1) What can we conclude from our data about the state of the landscape? 2) What is the explanation for the conclusion? 3) How much influence do missing data have on obtaining a logically complete analysis?  4) Considering the logistics of getting the missing data, which missing data should be the highest priority? and 5) How much priority should be given to a particular landscape feature when planning possible management activities?  Learn more about EMDS at

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