Engaging Plans

Demonstration of EngagingPlans by Chris Haller of Urban Interactive Studio (September 28, 2011). Communication and collaboration with the public is often the key to the success of a project but can be time-consuming and expensive. EngagingPlans is a Web “microsite” that facilitates broad-scale outreach and public participation. It can be used to share information and updates, collect ideas and input, review and manage comments, and respond to inquiries. All features can be spatially referenced allowing the public to provide spatial input. Other features include a mobile theme for use with smartphones, integration with Twitter and Facebook, the ability to set varying levels of user access to information, a centralized dashboard for adding and modifying content, and automatic back-ups. EngagingPlans is a fully-hosted solution that runs on Drupal open source software. It combines out-of-the-box functionality with customization capabilities so that it is flexible as well as economical and cost-efficient. Learn more at http://engagingplans.com.

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