Demonstration of Eureka by Jorge Torre of Comunidad y Biodiversidad and Ken Vollmer, Dane Springmeyer, and Mike Mertens of Ecotrust (June 30, 2009).  Eureka is an open source software tool for comparing subtidal monitoring data from fully-protected marine reserves (no-take zones) with data from other sites.  Eureka helps users: 1) enter abundance and size data for invertebrate and fish species monitored by transects, quadrants or cylinders of any dimensions; 2) compare species abundance and size information from inside and outside no-take zones over time; and 3) create a graphic report of the comparison and perform basic statistical analyses.  Eureka is flexible enough to be used anywhere in the world where subtidal monitoring of invertebrates and fish is being done.  The goal of Eureka is to enable users to enter information immediately after a monitoring season and quickly obtain basic graphic comparisons and statistical analyses which can be presented to fishers and managers and other stakeholders of the marine area for discussion. This will help avoid long waits for “expert” analysis. In addition, information in Eureka can be exported to Excel for further analysis.  Learn more and start using Eureka at

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