Demonstration of Fledermaus by Erin Heffron of Interactive Visualization Systems (October 7, 2009).  Fledermaus is 3D visualization and analysis software for topographic and bathymetric data. The software suite allows users to create and interact with full-resolution terrain and bathymetric surface models, and then integrate those surfaces with a variety of other data types to make a "scene." Users can add images, vertical imagery, ASCII points and lines, Electronic Nautical Charts, 3D models, ESRI shapefiles, and AutoCAD DXF and DWG files to build visualizations of interrelated data. Fledermaus can also load, process, and visualize multibeam sonar and LIDAR data, can process and mosaic multibeam backscatter data, and be used to run profiles along a surface, do slope and rugosity calculations, and create fly-throughs.There are tools for the visualization of real-time movement of vessels, autonomous underwater vehicles or anything getting a NMEA GPS location.  The latest version of Fledermaus supports the integration and display of time-stamped data allowing visualization of earthquakes, sediment migration, and wave propagation over time.  For academic institutions and non-profits, the price per license ranges from $799 to $1995, a 90% discount off of commercial pricing.  Government also gets a discount off of commercial pricing.  There is a free downloadable viewer so users can share visualizations with others.  Tools to integrate with ESRI ArcGIS and to process and visualize water column data, such as plumes or fish populations, are under development.  Learn more at www.ivs3d.com.

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