Live Chat: SeaSketch with Will McClintock and Evan Paul of the Center for Marine Assessment and Planning

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


February 19, 2013 at 1 pm EST / 10 am PST / 6 pm GMT

Live Office Hour Chat about SeaSketch with Will McClintock and Evan Paul of the
Center for Marine Assessment and Planning. 
SeaSketch is a
web-based collaborative GeoDesign tool for ocean planning. It is designed as a
"software-service," meaning that planners may log onto the site and
immediately begin using a host of features including: (1) defining a study
region, (2) uploading and organizing map data for visualization, (3) creating
user groups with specific data permissions, (4) creating map-based chat forums
and invite users to participate, (5) defining sketch classes that correspond to
sector-based management tools (e.g., conservation areas, aquaculture sites,
mining sites, transportation zones, etc.), (6) designing and deploying
geospatial survey tools (e.g., human use information, marine mammal sitings,
etc.), and (7) sharing sketches, map book marks, map annotations and
attachments within the map-based discussion forum. With assistance in
developing case-specific analytics (e.g., those that correspond to each sketch
class), users will also be able to: (8) generate reports that indicate how well
designs meet guidelines (e.g., conservation or energy goals, etc.) and (9)
visualize trade-off plots to find more optimal solutions. Finally, process
facilitators will be able to: (1) trace sketch lineages to determine the origin
and transference of spatial designs, (2) visualize social network diagrams to
determine where collaboration is occurring or breaking down, and (3) generate
layer use statistics to know where users are looking on the map and what
features they are using to make decisions. Tool developers are developing
SeaSketch as an end-to-end solution for marine spatial planning, from early
discussions of existing data to data gathering to design, analysis,
implementation and adaptive management. Learn more about SeaSketch at
Join the chat at