Management Strategy Evaluation Tools (Atlantis and InVitro)

Presentation on Management Strategy Evaluation Tools (Atlantis and InVitro) by Beth Fulton of CSIRO (November 12, 2008).  Management strategy evaluation (MSE) involves assessing the consequences of a range of management strategies or options and presenting the results in a way which lays bare the tradeoffs in performance across a range of management objectives. In contrast to some previous approaches to fisheries assessment, it does not seek to proscribe an optimal strategy or decision. Instead it seeks to provide the decision maker with the information on which to base a rational decision, given their own objectives, preferences, and attitudes to risk.  MSE is a simulation technique based on modelling each part of the adaptive management cycle. This presentation will feature two MSE tools developed by researchers at CSIRO: Atlantis, a deterministic biogeochemical whole of ecosystem model for the marine environment, and InVitro, an agent based ecosystem-level management strategy evaluation modelling framework for marine environments.  Learn more about MSE, Atlantis, and InVitro. 

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