Marine Integrated Decision Analysis System (MIDAS)

Demonstration of Marine Integrated Decision Analysis System (MIDAS) by Suchi Gopal and Les Kaufman of Boston University (March 10, 2010).  MIDAS is a spatial decision support system to help marine managed area (MMA) managers and users quickly analyze and visualize outcomes from the interaction of socio-economic, governance, and ecological factors of MMAs.  Users can input data for 15 critical determining factors, five each for socio-economic, governance, and ecological factors.  The tool then displays possible outcomes such as state of governance, livelihoods, ecosystem health, outcomes related to MMA effectiveness, and maps of the spatial distribution of risk.  Learn more about MIDAS.  

Download the recording of the presentation [Windows Media .wmv format].  If you have problems downloading the file from this site, please try this alternate link.   If you are unable to download the recording, please .