New Marxan Users Manual, Marxan Developments, and More by Jeff Ardron of the Pacific Marine Analysis and Research Organization (PacMARA) and Hugh Possingham of The University of Queensland (February 12, 2008).  PacMARA and the University of Queensland have written an enhanced user's manual for the Marxan decision support tool.  Marxan is freeware used by over 1100 registered users from 600 organizations (government, academia and NGOs) in 95 countries as a decision support tool to consider options in terrestrial and marine reserve design. It is perhaps the most popular "site selection optimisation" software available and is widely published.  Previous documentation was a mixture of mathematical theory and technical input data requirements and did not fully meet the needs of all tool users. The new manual will facilitate understanding of the core software and will be translated into Spanish. 

More information about the project and downloads of the Powerpoint presentation and an audio recording of the presentation can be found here.