Miradi 3.1 Webinar

Demonstration of Miradi 3.1 by Nick Salafsky of Foundations of Success (June 3, 2010).  Miradi is a user-friendly program that allows conservation practitioners to design, manage, and monitor projects according to standards developed by leading conservation organizations. The program guides users through a series of step-by-step interview wizards to define their project scope, design conceptual models of their project site, plan and conduct viability analysis of conservation targets, prioritize threats, develop objectives and actions, and select monitoring indicators to assess the effectiveness of their strategies. Miradi also supports the development of workplans and budgets and allows import and export of data to online databases. This webinar demonstrated basic Miradi functionality as well as described how some conservation projects are using Miradi.  Learn more about Miradi at https://miradi.org/

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