Multi-species Community-Based Fisheries Monitoring and Managing Tool

Demonstration of the Multi-species Community-Based Fisheries Monitoring and Managing Tool by Melissa Sanderson of the Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen’s Association (April 1, 2009).  Multi-species Community-Based Fisheries Monitoring and Mapping Tool is a portable, freely distributed EBM tool that provides real time management functionality to track multi-species fisheries quotas and interactions with protected species, as well as assist in community based management decision making.  New England’s groundfishery is undergoing a transition from input to output control management, resulting in multiple species’ quotas being allocated to community sectors to manage internally.  This is creating a demand for a tool the sector managers can use to process and analyze multiple streams of electronic federal data, stakeholder data, tolerance levels/priorities, and environmental variables.  The tool has database shell option that allows multiple EBM tool databases to be joined throughout the region.  Additionally, there is an optional visual spatial analysis component to create maps of catch and discard distributions and interactions.  Learn more about the tool. 

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