New Version of MarineMap Decision Support Tool

Demonstration of new version of MarineMap Decision Support Tool by Will McClintock (UCSB), Charles Steinback (Ecotrust), and Matt Merrifield (TNC) (May 3, 2010).  MarineMap is a web-based decision-support tool that allows users to draw prospective Marine Protected Areas and receive immediate feedback on the protections and impacts from the drawn proposal. Users can then adjust the proposal or share it with others.  A new version of MarineMap, launching in February 2010, includes a modeling tool for predicting the biological and economic effects of different MPA proposals and selecting sites that will produce optimal benefits for both conservation and fisheries objectives.  In addition, the new version of MarineMap has a dramatically different look, feel, and underlying system architecture.  Capitalizing on Google Earth and Google Wave APIs, the new MarineMap has an improved layout, query tool, support for visualizing temporal data, layer organization, KML tours and spatial discussion forum. MarineMap is based on entirely free and open source code.  Learn more about MarineMap at

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