Reef Resilience Toolkit

Demonstration of the Reef Resilience Toolkit by Stephanie Wear of The Nature Conservancy (July 29/30, 2009 [THREE separate times to accommodate practitioners in coral regions throughout the world]).  The Reef Resilience Toolkit provides coral reef managers with guidance on building resilience to climate change into the design of MPAs and their daily management activities. The Toolkit is divided into modules and includes guidance on management strategies such as conserving fish spawning aggregations, MPA network design, and developing coral reef monitoring programs. Each module begins with introductory information defining a problem and providing background about the system and issues. The Introduction is followed by sections that provide specific guidelines on implementing resilience-based management. For example, the introduction to the Coral Reefs module focuses on the problem of climate change and coral bleaching, followed by guidance on how to design MPAs and networks to anticipate climate change. This in turn is followed by case studies demonstrating how managers are implementing these approaches. To learn more, go to 

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