Restoration Prioritization Toolset

Demonstration of the Restoration Prioritization Toolset (April 10, 2008) by Chaeli Judd of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  The Restoration Prioritization Toolset is a GIS based decision support tool used to help prioritize restoration management activities within an area of interest. The toolset is focused on submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) and comprised of three models: Controlling Factors, Benthic Change and Prioritization. Each element analyzes one of the components of an an ecological conceptual model, uses local and satellite products, and provides feedback to the user based on that component. The toolset is available both through an on-line implementation and as ArcGIS toolboxes. Currently the online version is configured for Mobile Bay, AL.  Learn more about the Restoration Prioritization Toolset.

Download the Powerpoint presentation and audio recording.