Keypad polling

Websites: Civic Results, Option Technologies, Anyware, Covision

Tool description: Keypad polling is an audience-response systemused to enhancetraining and decision making. A question from the facilitator or aparticipant is posed on a screen with a series of possible answers.Each participant, equipped with a wireless keypad, responds based ontheir own knowledge or opinions. The system automatically and instantlytallies the responses. The tabulated results display on screen for theaudience to see. The process is transparent andimmediate. Everyone—participants and leaders—can see the group’sresponse to the question. Keypad polling is extremely effective inhelping groups to reach lastingand strongly supported decisions. It helps participants tofeel effective, heard, and understood, and leaders know what people arereally thinking.

Tool costs: Costs of using keypad polling are highly variable and depend on whetheran organization decides to purchase its own hardware or software, use ashared system, or hire a consultant to provide the hardware/softwareand support services.