Demonstration of SimCLIM by Peter Urich of CLIMsystems (May 4, 2011)

SimCLIM is a computer model system for examining the effects of climate variability and change over time and space. Its "open-framework" feature allows users to customise the model for their own geographical area and spatial resolution and to attach impact models. SimCLIM is designed to support decision making and climate proofing in a wide range of situations where climate and climate change pose risk and uncertainty. A user customised SimCLIM Open Framework System software package has the capacity to assess baseline climates and current variability and extremes. Risks can be assessed both currently and in the future. Adaptation measures can be tested for present day conditions and under future scenarios of climate change and variability. With the program, users can conduct sensitivity analysis and examine sectoral impacts of climate change. SimCLIM supports integrated impact analysis at various scales. Learn more at


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