Social Network Mapping and Analysis for EBM/Conservation Applications

Demonstration of Social Network Mapping and Analysis for EBM/Conservation Applications by June Holley of Network Weaving and Ken Vance-Borland of the Conservation Planning Institute (January 29, 2009).  Many of the insights we will get when we reflect on our conservation actions have to do with relationships—who shares information with whom, which individuals are working together, who is generating and sharing new ideas with whom. Network maps enable us to track these relationships and then work together to improve information flow, innovation diffusion, and collaborative activities by improving the connectivity of individuals in the conservation network.  Network metrics, which have been developed over the last 50 years by social network analysts, provide a quantitative measure of the network.  In addition, it is useful to track network structures and processes using indicators of the shift to an environment where people are effectively self-organizing and where outcomes are likely to be greater. Learn more about these methods at

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