U.S. Legislative Atlas

Demonstration of the U.S. Legislative Atlas by Brian Smith of NOAA Coastal Services Center (August 12, 2009).  A complex and multi-layered system of laws, organizations, and strategies exists to manage and govern uses of ocean and coastal resources. Resource management authority is fragmented among a variety of federal, state, and local agencies, often resulting in redundant efforts, inefficiency, and lack of coordination among agencies. The Legislative Atlas can help coastal and ocean resource managers make sense of the complex jurisdictional and regulatory system and identify potential gaps in the current management framework.  The Atlas displays spatial data for state and federal laws and jurisdictional boundaries and allow users to search an online database of coastal and ocean legislation, according to geographic area, issue of interest, or management agency. Learn more about the Legislative Atlas at http://csc-s-maps-q.csc.noaa.gov/legislativeatlas/index.html

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